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How to keep your games up to date
How to keep your games up to date
As an operator of an escape room venue, here's how you can keep your listings current on Morty.
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Morty doesn't yet have a self-service dashboard, but it's easy to keep your games up to date:

  • Adding a game: Use the Add a Game feature to tell us about new games which are opening.

  • Editing games: Use the Suggest an Edit feature to tell us about games which have closed or reopened, or if we aren't representing the game how you prefer. Use the Other Notes field generously, and don't hesitate to mention you're the owner.

  • Adding/Replacing photos: You can use this form.

  • Keeping promotions up to date: We have a form for that.

  • Syncing availability to users: We have integrations with Bookeo and Resova. Xola coming soon.

Or you can always contact us directly to:

  1. Let us know about new games/locations that are opening and don't yet have a web presence.

  2. Tell us about a game/location that's closing.

  3. For any other reason. πŸ˜ƒ

Our Data Ops team will reach out for more info if needed.

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