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Will Morty remove a false or defamatory review?
Will Morty remove a false or defamatory review?

How Morty responds to complaints about reviews.

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If you see a review that you believe violates Morty's Guidelines please report it and include any information that can help us verify.

Morty is a community-driven site, and removing reviews, photos, or other user content isn't something we take lightly โ€” we generally allow users to stand behind what they write. It's also important to note that Morty doesn't take sides in factual disputes.

After a review has been investigated by our team Morty will send an email notification to the business owner or user who reported the content, notifying them of the results, which may take up to 2 weeks. We'll typically also notify the reviewer if their content has been removed.

Business owners can also log into their Morty Partner Dashboard account to publicly respond to any inaccuracies in the review.

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