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How do I import my experiences into Morty?
How do I import my experiences into Morty?

If you have an existing list of attractions you've been to, you can easily get it loaded into Morty!

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To import your experiences to Morty:

  1. Save your experiences as a CSV file. (You can easily do this from Excel or Google Sheets.)

  2. Drag and drop your CSV file

    1. Ideally it has name, company, and location columns.

    2. You can also include columns like date visited, and more!

  3. BlitzMatch will immediately associate attractions it's sure of. You can quickly match the others.

  4. When finished click Submit matches to Morty.

    A BlitzMatch enriched CSV file will download to your computer and you'll be redirected to the Import form.

  5. Drag your enriched CSV onto the form, choose your username and submit!

Our team will complete your import within 48 hours and you'll be ready to go. 🤘

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