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Sponsored Placements (beta)
Sponsored Placements (beta)

How advertising works on Morty.

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Morty is testing a limited run of sponsored ads in locations around Southern California, USA.

If you'd like to stand out and gain exposure without wasting money advertising to people who've already played your games please reach out.

Also please let us know if you have any comments or questions about our ads program.

How do Morty Sponsored Placements work?


  • Hyper targeted listings โ€” Only users who haven't played your game see its listing.

  • Geo targeting โ€” Just shown to users who are actively looking in a listing's geographic region.

  • Pay Per Click โ€” Only pay when users tap on your sponsored ads.

Initial setup

Our ads are implemented via Topsort, you'll receive Topsort account credentials upon signup.

Your account will be set to Auto-bid and to spend $5.00/day initially (these are the values we are testing with right now and are recommending to start).

Once setup, your ads will take an hour or two to begin appearing in Morty, and then 4 to 5 days to get an idea how they are performing.

At that point you'll be able to evaluate their performance and we can collaborate to try to get the best return on ad spend.

Our ad marketplace seeks to optimize your ad spend against others who are bidding.

Evaluating effectiveness

In TopSort you'll see several important stats:




# of times users have seen your ad.


# of times users have tapped on your ad.

Since these ads are PPC each tap deducts from your account balance.

When a user taps they will visit the game on Morty.

Note: If a user taps multiple times per day you won't be charged repeatedly. A click only counts once per user per day.

Click Through Rate

= [Clicks] / [Impressions]

Tracking ad conversions more precisely

We'd love to help you evaluate exactly how many bookings you get via Morty. Usually we do this by injecting UTM tags when forwarding users to your website.

Our default values are as follows:




Let us know if you'd like us to configure something like this for you.

Current limitations

  • Ads are only shown to iOS users as of today.

  • Ads are only surfaced on the map list screen.

  • Only users with the latest version of the app see the ads.

  • Metrics on Topsort update approximately every 10 minutes.

How do I top-off my ads balance?

Just reach out to us!

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